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Allix Pierre I (1641-1717) Remarks on some places of Mr. Whiston's Books, either printed or in manuscript Ang
Beveridge William (1638-1708) An Exposition of the XXXIX Articles of the Church of England Ang
Beveridge William (1638-1708) Sermons Ang
Beveridge William (1638-1708) Thesaurus theologicus: or, A complete system of divinity Ang
BIBLE (Ancien Testament) Vetus Testamentum juxta septuaginta Interpres Gr; L
Edwards John (1637-1716) Theologia Reformata Ang
Grabe Johann Ernst (1666-1711) An Essay upon two Arabick manuscripts of the Bodleian library Ang
Hoadly Benjamin (1676-1761) Some Considerations humbly offered to the [...] Bishop of Exeter Ang
Horace (65-8) Opera, ex recensione et cum notis et emendationibus Richardi Bentleii L
The Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff Ang
Prières qui se doivent dire dans l'Eglise de Genève le lundi au soir, le mardi au matin, et le vendredi au soir F
The Spectator Ang
The Tatler. By Isaac Bickerstaff [en réalité Steele, Richard, Addison, Joseph and others] Ang
Whiston William (1667-1752) An Historical Preface to Primitive Christianity reviv'd Ang
Whiston William (1667-1752) Primitive Christianity reviv'd Ang
Whiston William (1667-1752) Remarks upon Dr Grabe's Essay upom two Arabick manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Ang
Whiston William (1667-1752) A Reply to Dr. Allix's ¬ę¬†Remarks on some places of Mr. W.'s books, either printed or manuscript¬†¬Ľ Ang

Edwards John

Theologia Reformata


J. Laurence


2 vol.

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