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Strype John (1643-1737) The life and acts of Matthew Parker, the first archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth Ang
Echard Laurence (~1670-1730) An Appendix to the three volumes of Mr Archdeacon Echard's History of England Ang
Strype John (1643-1737) Annals of the Reformation and establishment of religion [...] in the Church of England during the first twelve years of Queen Elizabeth's happy reign Ang
Strype John (1643-1737) A Complete History of England Ang
Articles, whereupon it was agreed by the Archbishoppes and Bishoppes of both provinces and the whole Cleargie in the convocation holden at London in the yere of our Lorde God 1562 Ang
Strype John (1643-1737) Memorials of the Most reverend father in God, Thomas Cranmer, sometime lord archbishop of Canterbury Ang
Strype John (1643-1737) The History of the life and acts of the Most Reverend Father in God, Edmund Grindal, the just bishop of London, and the second archbishop of York and Canterbury successively, in the reign of Queen Elisabeth Ang
Strype John (1643-1737) The life and acts of the most reverend father in God, John Whitgift, D. D., the third and last Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, in the reign of Queen Elisabeth Ang
Beda (dit le Vénérable) (~673-735) Historiæ ecclesiasticæ gentis Anglorum libri quinque [...] Cura et studio Johannis Smith L
Formula Consensus Ecclesiarum Helveticarum Reformatarum circa doctrinam de gratia universali et connexa aliaque nonnulla capita L
Josèphe Flavius (~37-~100) Opera, quæ reperiri potuerunt, omnia L
Articuli de quibus convenit inter Archiepiscopos, & episcopos utriusq. provinciæ, & clerum universum in synodo Londini, L
Wilkins David (1685-1745) Leges anglo-saxonicæ ecclesiasticæ et civiles L

Strype John

A Complete History of England


B. Aymeler


3 vol.

Langue: Ang

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